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"Let's talk about... us!"

From the 5th to the 10th of November 2012 a week of English was held in Physical and Technical Lyceum. Different contests, quizzes and an English play and were held during this week. There was an open lesson in group L-21-A.

All groups (even those who study the German language) took active part in the competition of wall newspapers in English. Winners were determined in each course.
 Lyceum groups L-12 and L-11 won the first place among freshmen; they dedicated their wall newspapers to London and Adele.
The pupils of groups L-21 (wall newspaper about the USA) and L-23 (wall newspaper about hurricane Sandy) won the first place in the second year. Lyceum students of group L-22 took the second place with their wall newspaper about the United States.
The newspaper of group L-31 about Australia turned to be the best among those which were made by the students of the third year. The paper of group L-33 got the second place (it was also consecrated to Australia).
Special prizes were awarded to Lyceum groups L-13 (wall newspaper untitled "Week in London"), L-23 (wall newspaper about the UK made by the pupils studying the German language), L-24 (newspaper about the UK), L-32 (mural on Canada) and L-34 (wall newspapers about New Zealand, and Canada).
All wall newspapers still adorn the walls of the Lyceum on the fifth floor.
The competition for the best literary translation of the poem was very interesting.
In the days of early times
England was the land of tribes
People came and went away.
Their traces still remain.

Kings and barons, chiefs and knights -
Their lives were full of fights.
Farmers grew and gave them foods.
Traders brought and sold them goods.

Vast landscapes and gardens green
Heavens in the lakes are seen
Fresh and rainy countryside
Like a blooming paradise.

English home is a castle.
Rose bushes sweetly rustle.
They can tell us what life was
In the days of peace and wars
11 pupils of our lyceum from different groups took part in this competition. The translation of Igor Kudyarsky (group L-31) was the most successful so he got the first prize.
В дні предковічні із давніх-давен
В Англії жило багато племен.
Люди приходили й землю кидали,
Але в історії слід залишали.

Лицарі й барони, царі і вожді
Життя підносило їм битви важкі.
Фермер їм виростив їжу і дав.
Торговець товари привіз і продав.

Величні пейзажі й зелені сади
Тут небо в озерах ти можеш знайти
У селищі свіжістю пахне врожай
Неначе квітучий усміхнений рай.

Для англійця дім-це фортеця міцна,
Троянди кущами ростуть край вікна,
Про минуле життя нам розкажуть вони,
Про дні миру і дні війни.

 Hovzan Sofia (group L-31) won the second prize in this competition.
В дні за часів давніх-давен,
Англія була землею племен.
Люди на землі приходили і йшли,
Залишали по собі різні сліди.

Лицарі й барони, вожді й королі,
Їх життя було наче суцільні бої.
Землероби ростили поживу для них,
Бо завдання це було не для слабких.

Незміряні пейзажі, зелені сади,
А в озерах видніють небес далини.
Свіжість хмар дощових на околицях міста,
Наче рай, Ти уквітчана з квітів намистом.

Англійські будинки, як замки ошатні,
Троянди лепечуть, мов пташки уранці.
Вони ладні сказати, що тут відбувалось,
Коли мир закінчився - війна розпочалась...

Incentive prizes were awarded to Bogdan Karpinski (group L-11), Olga Chernova (group L-12) and Olga Nazariychuk (group L-13).
On November 8 second-year pupils gathered in the hall, where there was a quiz «WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES? »
Having received the highest score the team of group L-21 won. The second place was taken by a team of group L-22.
Brain-ring "Who is the best in English?" was organized on the 9th of November for the students of the first year. The team of group L-12 won this competition with flying colors. The teams of groups L-11 and L-13 scored the same number of points.
Open lesson in group L-21-A on the theme "British and American English" was held at the high standards with the use of interactive technologies. Methodists of district methodological departments attended the lesson and posted the best reviews.

The performance “Merry wives of Windsor”was the real enjoyment for the third year students.  

 Faculty of Foreign Languages of Physical and Technical lyceum​thanks all who contributed to the week of English in our high school.
Do you remeber the names of our winners?

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  1. Very talented children! I loved both translations of the poem.