Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Ukrainian singer lives in Beijing. He has been living in Beijing for nearly ten years. Every day, he and several other Ukrainian singers, perform in a Ukrainian restaurant in the Chinese capital.
Meet Sasha. He's 49, and was born in Ukraine.
It's mid-day, and Sasha is arriving at a Ukrainian restaurant to prepare for his performance. As with every other day, Sasha is a big hit with the enthusiastic diners. He's a popular performer at the Beijing venue, and always gets a great response.

He said, "I wanted to change my life, so I came to China. People here are very enthusiastic and kind. Gradually, I learned to speak some Chinese, and I already can communicate with other people. I've also been to several other Chinese cities, but I mostly like Beijing, because here we are in the capital of China."
Since arriving in 2000, Sasha has performed regularly at the Kievruss restaurant.
When he was 17, he began studying at the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music. From 1985 he was a member of the military band of the Ukraine Defense Ministry. And in 1997, he won the title Ukranian national exploits actor.
Sasha says although he has experienced countless applause, he has never before experienced such heart felt enthusiasm for his singing.
He said, "Although he guests are here to have a meal, when we begin to sing, they get excited by hearing such familiar songs. For example, Moscow Nights, Katyusha and so on. They always applaud. For performers, this is great, it shows the audience like us, and is a stimulant for a better show."
Sasha has a bass register, but can also sing baritone songs.
During his time in Beijing, he has made several Chinese friends, and learned more about Chinese culture, blending into Beijing life.
He said, "I hope powerful countries such as China, can understand more about Ukrainian culture. To understand our songs,and know more about our technical achievements. I work very hard singing songs in China. I am very glad to see that many of our songs are very popular here."
Since 2000, nearly 60 Ukrainian artists have sung for Chinese customers in this restaurant. It's known as a "dinning theatre". The performers come form over ten different Ukrainian professional groups, and have performed more than 2500 times. With the New Year coming, they all want to express sincere wishes to their Chinese audiences for the New Year.
He said, "We wish you a happy New Year!"

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  1. Thanks to such people as Sasha, the world gets to know some good things about our country.