Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2013 Special!

Merry Christmas and 
Happy New Year!

My younger daughter is only 6. She saw the video on TV and told me they had sung this song at school. We've watched it several times and it was a real pleasure. It looked like a fairy-tale for us. I want you to feel the same.

 The ABC's of Christmas 

A is for Angel, on top of the tree,

B is for Bell, ringing merrily.

C is for Candy, a real Christmas treat, 

D is for Decorations, that can't be beat.

E is for Elf, who helps Santa, it's true, 

F is for Fun, and Festive too! 

G is for God, who sent down His Son, 

H is for Home, where our fun's just begun! 

I is for Icicle, hanging from the roof, 

J is for Joy, and that is the truth. 

K is for Kris Kringle, who comes on Christmas eve, 

L is for Love, in this we believe. 

M is for Manger, where the Christ child lay, 

N is for Noel, we sing on Christmas Day. 

O is for O Holy Night, when Jesus was born, 

P is for Peace, for all on Christmas Morn. 

Q is for Quest, of the Wisemen that night, 

R is for Rudolph, whose nose is so bright! 

S is for Snow, which falls to the ground, 

T is for Tree, where gifts can be found. 

U is for Unselfish, which is what we should be, 

V is for Visit, from Santa, to you and me. 

W is for World, let peace be found here, 

X is "X"cited, as Christmas draws near. 

Y is for Yuletide, being happy and gay, and, 

Z is for Zoom, as Santa flies away!

Kathy Bennett

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