Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mass media in Ukraine

Ukrainian mass media, which include press, radio and television, are independent, and the state guarantees their economic independence. There are more than 4,000 periodical editions in Ukraine now, and new radio and TV channels, newspapers and magazines appear practically every year.
The role of mass media in our everyday life is enormous. Where do we get most of the news? From TV or radio news programmes, or from newspapers. What forms public opinion? Mass media. So they bear great responsibility and should always give truthful and unbiased information to their readers and viewers.
In Ukraine there are several information agencies that supply the population of the country with the latest news. These agencies are: the «UKRINFORM» - «Ukrainian National Information Agency», the «UNIAR» - «The Ukrainian Independent Information Agency «Respublica», the UNIAN - the Ukrainian Independent News Agency Interfax- Ukraina» and some others. These agencies have reporters in every administrative region of our country and in all major foreign countries. They collect most interesting and important information for the readers of newspapers and magazines and for the TV viewers.

There are newspapers and magazines for the readers of all ages and professions, with different interests, tastes and hobbies. For example, those who are interested in politics can read the newspapers «Day», «Today», «Facts», «Grany», «Kyivsky Vidomosty». In these newspapers the readers can also find information about home affairs, culture and sports. These publications deal with the burning problems of our present life and history, and at the same time there you can find amusing stories, crosswords and puzzles that can entertain you in your spare time. Enthusiastic sports fans of Ukraine like the newspapers «Sportyvna Gazeta» and «Komanda» (The Team»). There is a special newspaper for those who live in the country and are interested in farming - «Silske Zhutya» («The Rural Life»). Doctors, nurses and people who are interested in medicine prefer reading the «Medical Newspaper». There are also magazines for businessmen and businesswomen, for scientists and gardeners, etc. Those who like to learn about the new publications in literature can read the magazines «Dnipro» and «Vsesvit». Teachers have their own newspaper «Vchitelska Gazeta», and specialists of different subjects can buy journals in their special fields. Young people like to read the newspapers «Kosa», «Artmozaica», «Telenedelya» and others.
Some people buy newspapers and magazines every day, others prefer to subscribe to them, and in this case these periodicals are delivered to their homes. Payment for a subscription to newspapers and magazines is accepted at every post-office.
Ukrainian learners of English can find a lot of interesting information in the newspapers and magazines published in English - «Kyiv Post», «News from Ukraine», «Digest».
Some magazines are published every month, and they are called monthlies; if they are published every 3 months, they are called quarterlies. Newspapers are usually published daily or weekly.
Television and radio networks in Ukraine are divided into government-run companies and private TV and radio companies. The State TV and Radio Company operates two channels and includes editorial services that specialize in political analysis, socio-political programmes, current information, youth and sports programmes. Private channels tend to broadcast music and news programmes, a lot of advertising and talk shows.
Answer the following questions about your family and yourself.
1.  Does your family subscribe to any newspapers or magazines? If yes, which?
2.  Do all the members of your family read newspapers and magazines? Do they have any preferences?
3.  Do your friends and acquaintances prefer to subscribe to periodicals or buy them in'the news-stands/ news agents?
4.  If you read a newspaper or a magazine, do you begin reading from the very first page or from your favourite sections?
5.  Do you have a favourite TV channel? What attracts you in it? Does it have any specialisation, like a music channel?
6.  If you are listening to your favourite radio music channel, are you irritated when the music is inter­rupted by news?
7.  Do you like to read gossip in the celebrity columns? Do you think that it is an intrusion into privacy?
8.  What is your opinion about advertising in mass media? Do you like it? Is it necessary?
9.  Some people say that they prefer not to watch or listen to the news programmes and not to read newspapers because they feel very many negative emotions afterwards? What is your opinion?
10.   If you were offered a choice to watch TV, to listen to the radio, to read a book or a magazine or newspaper, which would you prefer and why?

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