Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bad habits

Alcohol presents in the lives of almost everyone. Someone drink only on holidays, someone who likes to relax with drinks per weekend, and someone is constantly abusing intoxicating. Weddings, birthdays, funerals, New Year's - none of these dates is not without glasses or bottles.
We think that vodka is strong alcohol, and beer or wine, just a drink, even though bringing the body to use. Have you ever wondered about what happens in the body when there enters alcohol? And are you sure that alcohol is harmless in small doses? Under the influence of ethanol, everything breaks down in the first place - the nervous system and cardiovascular.
Alcohol is a problem that goes to the national level. Young people today are inseparable from the beer. And if an adult is somehow able to mobilize after taking alcohol, because he already has formed the nervous system, the person age 15-20 can not do it.
How do deal with adolescent passion alcohol, and people's love for alcohol in particular? It is important to convey to people how dangerous alcohol for themselves and for the future of our country.

I think, teenagers start smoking and drink alcohol because of their problems. If a teenager has some problems with parents or problems in school, he thinks that alcohol or cigarettes can solve these problems. Also teenagers may start drinking or smoking thanks to their friends. If a teenager has friends who smoking or drinking alcohol, he wants to be like them. A lot of people think that these bad habits make them cooler. But it’s wrong. There are a lot of another ways of expressing yourself. Start doing sport or write something and it will be less harmful for you but more useful.

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