Thursday, February 5, 2015

Outstanding Historical events of Canada

Modern Canada originated as a country of immigrants.
Before the 15th century Canada was populated by different Indian tribes.
In the far north there were tribes of Eskimos.
An English seaman, John Cabot, discovered the island of Newfoundland in 1497.
Then many settlements of Spanish, English and French fishermen appeared on the coasts of Newfoundland.
In the 16th century Jacques Carter, the French navigator, explored the Saint Lawrence River, and later French colonies were set up.

The long struggle for Canadian territories between England and France finished in 1763 after the Seven-Years’ War.
The whole Canada was proclaimed a British possession.

Only some minor parts of the country remained French.
After the War of American Independence a lot of English colonists immigrated to Canada.
In 1837 there were rebellions in both parts of the country.
The English and French settlers wanted to have the government and the state of their own.
At last, in 1867, after long discussions, a federation was formed out of four provinces.
Later the rest of the provinces joined this federation.
Thus 1867 is considered to be the birth year of the modern state of Canada.
But only after World War I Canada be-came more independent.

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