Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The egg inside. A tour along Kolomyya museum "Pysanka"

A tour along Kolomyya museum “pysanka”. The egg inside.
Here it is a famous egg-shaped building – Kolomyya museum “Pysanka”(Easter egg).In tour advertisements, in guide books and in tour web sites it is defined as ‘the word’s only cultural institution, where works of Easter egg painting are stored and exhibited’.
The original architecture is used. The front two-story building is like a large Easter egg. Go inside and you can see windows, panels, floristic compositions with hundreds of colored eggs of different sizes around. Eggs in “egg”… Your eyes are lost.

A tour begins outside. The museum “Pysanka” as the Department of Folk Arts of Gutsulschyna and Pokuttya was defined in 1987. It moved into a new office five years ago. The building which was designed by Ivano-Frankivsk architect Igor Shumen built without delay – for one hundred days. The building having 13 meters of height is the biggest stone Easter egg in the world. Inside of it you can see the exhibition of fifteen hundred exhibits. The complete collection held by the museum is over 12 thousand eggs.

Go to the hall. There is a stone egg in the middle – it is a composition created with a solid marble slabs. The author of the sculpture Roman Zakharchuk from Kolomyya called it “born life”. As conceived by the artist, egg like the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a symbol of renewal.

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